Learn more about how to create meaningful rituals that can help us navigate in uncharted waters.

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Rituals are an ancient form of magic we can use to charm the dragons we encounter.

Beyond Here There

Be Dragons

Navigating the uncharted waters of grief

Grief River

Resources for negotiating

the troubled waters of life

Illustrated by Ernest Luther

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I wrote Beyond Here There Be Dragons because I noticed that most of the books about grief seldom look beyond the first year or so after a loss. Few of them acknowledge that the life transition that follows loss can take a few more years to navigate.

Instead of using river imagery, this time I played with the "waves" of grief metaphor in a different way; visualizing that those waves have flung you far out to sea. With no wind in your sails and no land in sight, you are left to wonder, "Where do I go from here?" or even, "What's the point?" 

This is not a self-help book that promises, "ten easy steps to a new you," instead it is a reflection on the stories I've heard from clients who have faced their own "dragons" and lived to tell the tale.‚Äč Along the way, I tell a few stories of my own making, (what I call, modern myths) that help to illustrate the point that, we don't have to be afraid of the dragons we encounter, it's even possible to make friends with them.