Grief River Map

Wouldn't it be nice if grief came with a compass, map, or a set of travel guides? The fact is, there are tons of books and resources people can turn to, but it is hard to know which ones are right for you.  

Because the currents of grief are constantly changing, I cannot predict at any particular moment what kinds of resources you will need.  However, I think it helps to ask the question:                                                                        

"If grief were a river, what would you need for the trip?"

Color Me

Over the course of a lifetime, the experiences of illness, loss, and life transition challenge us to search for answers to some of life's

"big questions."  


The Grief River Map is a board game that supports people in their search for meaning and offers tips for continuing the journey. Learn more about the

Grief River Map and visit:

While not an endorsement, here are a few resources that may be helpful as you search for ways to negotiate your way through the troubled waters of grief.

Download PDF images from:

Advice From Our Animal Friends to Kids who Grieve,

and Beyond Here There Be Dragons (available 2019)

Illustrations by Ernest Luther


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Grief River

Resources for negotiating

the troubled waters of life