Coming 2019

Illustrated by Ernest Luther

Grief River

Resources for negotiating

the troubled waters of life

I'm very excited to let you in on a project that I've been working on, my first self-published book.  No, it's not ready for purchase just yet, but I can share with you what it's going to be about.

Have you noticed that most of the books about grief focus on the first six to twelve months following the loss?  This one is for those who have journeyed beyond what might be called, the shallows, and find themselves in the deepest part of the ocean face to face with the question, “Now what?” If you can say you have survived the initial waves of grief but are still searching for direction and hope as you navigate your way through some of life’s uncharted waters, then this book is for you.

Author and grief counselor, Thom Dennis, has traveled these waters countless times with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and he shares the wisdom and hard-won advice he’s gained on how to deal with dragons and all the other things that scare us.  

For Dennis, dragons represent everything that scares us and the chaos that inevitably follows a loss.  He argues, although dragons can never be completely controlled or tamed, we can learn how to make friends with them.  He offers practical tips on how to wrestle with dragons without getting burned and suggests that rituals are an ancient form of magic used to calm the dragons you may encounter. 

Poetic and playful this book draws from diverse sources and offers more than just silver-one-liners like, “time heals,” or “the best thing to do is keep busy.” Navigating your way through grief and the life transition that follows can be scary and takes real effort, but for those who dare to sail beyond their comfort zone, being empowered by the dragons you befriend is a definite possibility.  

Beyond Here There Be Dragons

An old sailor's yarn about loss and the life transition that follows